Auto A/C Products

  • RecoverXLT Universal Recovery Machines

    • Fast recovery of most refrigerants including R-410A
    • High efficiency fan keeps air moving across the condenser for cool running even in high temperature operating conditions.
      • Compressor : 1/2 hp oil-less
      • Weight : 32.6 lbs (14.78 kg)
      • Voltage : 230V/1Ph/50Hz
  • Cordless Vacuum Pump

    • Product code: VP164
    • 1.5 CFM Cordless rechargeable vacuum pump
    • Work for 50 minutes with full charged DC18V lithium battery
    • Good for vacuuming room a/c, small refrigerator & automobile a/c
    • Weight: 3.6kg with battery
    • External dimensions: L268×W93×H172mm
    • Product from Japan
  • Flaring Tool L

    • Product code: CT645L
    • Flare size: 1/4″; 5/16″; 3/8″; 1/2″; 5/8″ & 3/4″
    • Aluminium body and bar
    • Precise flaring with titanium coated flare cone
    • Automatic centering function
    • Applicable to new refrigerant
    • Weight: 778g
    • Product from Japan
  • Leak Detector LD316

    • Product code: LD316E
    • Infrared (NDIR type) leak detector
    • Accurate with high-performance, high-sensitivity and 9 stages colour indicator
    • For refrigerant leak detection of most large A/C units
    • With LED light at the probe tip
    • Weight: 495g
    • Product from Japan
  • Manifold AD Kit

    • Product code: AI115C | AI110C | AI112C
    • Ball valve manifold AD
    • High efficiency & High workability with ball valve
    • Complete with hoses and carrying case
    • Applicable to new refrigerant
    • Product from Japan
  • Tube Cutter WS22

    • Product code: CT222
    • Double spring type
    • For precise cutting copper tube, brass, aluminium, thin-wall mild steel
    • Capacity: 5 ~ 22mm
    • Weight: 176g
    • Product from Japan
  • Tube Cutter WS32

    • Product code: CT232
    • Double spring type
    • For precise cutting copper tube, brass, aluminium, thin-wall mild steel
    • Capacity: 4 ~ 32mm
    • Weight: 296g
    • Product from Japan
  • Micro LED UV Leak Detection Kits and Lamps


    For all A/C systems and lamps. Individual reflectors surround each of five LEDs recessed for protection in the stainless steel head.

  • AccuProbe UV Leak Detector


    Use the electrolyte sensor or UV technology (or both at the same time) to detect HFC, HCFC and HFO refrigerants, including SNAP approved hydrocarbon blends.

    The Smart Alarm LED shows how big or small a leak is on a scale of one to nine. With the electrolyte sensor, UV lights and Smart Alarm™ indicator, this is the only tool you need for fast, easy and certain leak detection.

  • A/C Electronic Instruments


    The YELLOW JACKET® eVac™ I Digital Vacuum Gauge conveniently and easily allows you to measure vacuum pressure. Accurately measure vacuum pressure with resolution down to 1 micron.

  • Adjust-a-Valve Openers


    Simply rotate the opener with needle nose pliers to the desired height and when finished, rotate it back
    “Adjust-a-Valve” for 1/4″ and 5/16″ hoses is the same
    Made in the USA

    The patented “Adjust-a-Valve” reaches out-of-tolerance Schrader valves in 1/4″, 3/16″ and 5/16” couplers.

  • Ball Valves for Vacuum/Charging


    When building your own charging/vacuum system, these straight flow-through valves connect hoses and provide full-flow capacity.