• Hydraulic Punching Tools

    Single hole type : copper plate, aluminium plate, angle-steel separate type of drilling machine 31ton, 10000PSI

    • Separate type of liquid pressure drilling machine which available to I., H plate steel copper plate and aluminium plate for punching.
    • there was designed plain seat on the bottom, very steady and smooth.
    • Single-hole type of return oil, the dies were made with High-carbon Tungsted alloy steel, not easy to be damaged.
  • Hydraulic Pumps

    • Quick output oil finished by two-section of high-low pressure; turbine type of suction oil to reach the
      most effective oil capacity.
    • Single hole type of in-out oil controlled. To suit the terminal pressed, cable cut, punched, distributed
    • The pressure safe valve overloading protective equipment can avoid overloading ruined or it will be
      released pressure reach 700kg/cm2 automatically.
  • Cutting Tools

    Product Specifications/Features :
    . Power ton: 20
    . Weight: 34 kgs
    . Max. cutting width: 200 mm
    . Max. cutting thickness (copper/steel): 10 mm
    . Cooperate hydraulic pump: CP-700; CTE-25AS

  • Crimping Tools

    Product Specifications/Features :

    . With indent die set for non-insulated ring terminal and copper tube terminal 8 ~ 325 mm2 (10 ~ 400 mm2)
    . Indent die includes 3 pcs, supporter die includes 9 pcs
    . Weight: 6 kg

  • Bending Tools

    Hydraulic Bus bar Bender
    Bending force:16T
    Max thickness:10mm
    Max width:150mm
    Package size:290*220*400mm

    1. Hydraulic Copper Busbar Bender is suitable for the bending of copper bar, bar, iron and other metal materials
    2. With the bending Angle, namely the scale
    3. The plate width will be measured by positioning device, bus won’t bend after bending
    4. Mould can be opened at the moment of bending, the workpiece can be easily taken out after bending

    1. Used for bending copper and aluminum bus bar
    2. Fast cutting speeding without scrapping, the big scrap is good for recycle
    3. N or L style shape is designed for automatic posting object to be cutted
    4. Connected with hydraulic pump of Model CP-700 . CP-700-2A , DYB-63A, ZCB-700A
    5. Cutting surface is smooth without distortion